So today we went to #SuperSaleBazaar and binge on a lot. Really happy we went shopping. 😍

17 July 2014

What do you do when u get so horny but u’re trying to avoid boys to not get pregnant? Cuz I’m so fucking sexually frustrated right now.

14 July 2014
13 July 2014


All my teenage life, I only wanted someone to love me. Now it’s on the table, something’s making it hard for me to take it. Maybe because I’m not ready but I was typically ready before even though I’m already flunking my tests. But now, I’m going to be on my legal age, on the right track when it comes to studies and I’ve become emotionally not ready.

Maybe I got used to being treated less than a princess. Now, someone comes into my life, wanting to surrender everything and I just kept on throwing it out the window like it never satisfied me. Nothing’s really wrong with me. I know I had bad sex with him and he was always soft and he got me into a traumatic PMS making me worry that I’m fucking pregnant but now my menstruation made it clear that I’m not having a baby. I’m being so mean and I think he deserve it.

I’m getting more demanding than before I’d settle for a guy down the street and have sex with him even I barely know him. Now, I won’t settle for this one, eve if he’s treating me well. He’s not smart enough and sensitive enough or even sexually pleasing. What only got me was his money. I always hear from everyone that he’s a fool for paying someone 4k just to make his assignment. I don’t want to have someone like that, who can’t stand on their own. He makes me feel sick. And the one he’s paying also repeated the term and all his money got down the drain.

He’s a deaf guy, even his disabilities doesn’t motivate him much to get smart. When I told him we should part ways, he kept on pushing me to go back. Yes, he wants me so much but his reasons are really selfish. My friend asked him why he likes me. He says I’m smart. That only shows that he’s going to use me in the future and he would rely on my to get everything done for him. I don’t like that. I’m also selfish, I have plans for myself and he just came at the wrong time. I’ve been thinking a lot this morning if I’d say no to him for last time. Would it be a big loss for me? Answer’s no, I made it through before him and I’m going to make it through without him.

Yesterday, it was planned to go out to glorietta and buy tacky and unimportant things from saizen but it went to going to my godmother’s condo and feel the high-end living. My godmother also shared her life story from how she went from rags to riches and it was really inspirational like hearing Francis Kong motivate you to fucking study and get boys for later. She also treated us to eat at Swensen’s, damn I got an iced green tea smoothie because green tea’s always my choice of flavor even though it tastes bitter sometimes. 

After that, My sis and I got lucky breathing the same air with Fabio Ide, a really hot Brazillian model and Hideo. We felt swoon being embraced while having a photo together. Here’s a proof to show my grandchildren.

That’s why kids, have the courage to grab a model’s arm and take a pic with him. I also get to touch Fabio’s arms but didn’t get a picture because they have to rest. I saw a model who looked like Cedric Pasco and was hoping he’d show up but didn’t. Aww maybe next time. 

After all the fuss, we head out to binondo to eat our heart out at Tasty Dumplings to indulge on their dumplings and pork chop. Sigh, didn’t know my Saturday would turn out that great. ♥